Me: *sees a couple*

Me: ew.

Life is a Highway | Cars OST

…and everyone’s like “Michelangelo you’re stupid, even though every single time that we’ve said ‘you’re stupid’ when you’ve said ‘something’s not right’ it ends up being exactly how you thought it was, but okay this time we’re still not going to believe you.” Listen turtles, when Michelangelo goes “that aint’ right”, that ain’t right. He knows what he’s talking about. Like a turtle do.
Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) laying down some truth (via mollykittykat)

The size of these characters’ hands has always freaked me out. XD I think I shrunk them a tad here.

I’m hungry and bored. This is not a good combination. Have a suckily drawn comic thing.

Casey is an A Plus Babysitter. XD

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Its Mikey.



*angry dinosaur noises*

*worried puppy dog noises*

you're adorable <333

^u^ Yay!

Reblog if people say you don’t look your age.








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I’m 22, but when people see me, they ask me if I’m a senior in high school

reblogging because I try so hard to be black.

I am happily reblogging…

Almost 250 Followers! :D

As a thank you for this ((because HOLY CRAP 250 people who want to watch me babble about nonsense and scribble turtles? That’s pretty dang cool X3)), I want to do something special. Maybe I could take requests for drawings and/or drabbles? I’m also asking because I’m nearing 100 watchers on deviantArt, and I kind of want to do something fun that I could post on both sites. So what are your thoughts? What would you like to see me do as a big thank you?

1) What's your favorite kind of mustache? 2) Someplace you'd like to go someday? 3) What inspired you to wanna work in animation?


2. I would love to visit New York someday! :D

3. Short story: Cartoons

Longer story:

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How often to you talk to people from Tumblr? What is your ultimate dream? Do you like waffles?

1. Pretty much every time I’m on here. :) I’ve met a lot of nice people online.

2. To conquer my anxiety and not be afraid of trying things/speaking to people IRL.

3. They’re ok. :)

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